Monday, January 12, 2009

Sensational Small Towns

When I first visited Lewisburg, I hadn’t even parked my car before I called my husband and said, “Pack our bags!  We are moving to Lewisburg!” I found myself slowly driving down the quaint streets looking for houses for sale. The town has a way of wrapping its arms around you. And then I visited Berkeley Springs…then Shepherdstown...then Elkins—the dilemma! I could have easily landed in any of those charming places. West Virginia is truly blessed with many incredible small towns, and with each issue of WV LIVING we will give you an inside look into these wonderful places and hopefully inspire you to visit.  You never know, you may even decide to call one of them "home."


JD said...

I agree Nikki. I've traveled the State of WV, the past several years, photographing horse shows and rodeos. Everywhere I travel in WV there is a unique beauty at every stop. Those born here are not aware of the jewel and value that is WV. Those who have moved away, come back. No wonder!!

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Lewisburg is b e a u t i f u l ! I wanted to stop by and tell you that I am loving this magazine! It showcases WV in such a classic yet modern way! I grew up in southern WV and wish to move back asap :) This site can hold me over until then :) Thank you and keep on doing what you are doing.

Nikki Bowman said...

Thank you JD and Chakra! And you are right, natives often take for granted the beauty that surrounds us. Our hope is that the magazine encourages everyone to look at the state differently and to enjoy the wonders that surround us!