Monday, December 29, 2008

Celebrating Life in the Mountain State

I am so excited to welcome you to the inaugural issue of WV LIVING—West Virginia’s first and only statewide lifestyle magazine!

WV LIVING is more than just a magazine. It’s a way of life. It’s walking barefoot through the grass. Chasing fireflies beneath a night sky, thick with stars. It’s a family reunion replete with every casserole known to man. It’s a leisurely stroll down Main Street. And it’s the thrill of snow on your face as you race a sled down a frozen hillside.

WV LIVING is a celebration of who we are—and who we are becoming.  A celebration of our people. People like glassblower Ron Hinkle (see page 22), who beautifully breathes life into a dying art. Or Kim Parrish (see page 8), who uses her story to inspire and mentor young women. Or Katie Lee Joel (see page 33), who instead of hiding her West Virginian roots when she married rock legend Billy Joel, celebrates it in her new cookbook.

WV LIVING is a call to wear our Appalachian heritage like a badge of honor. It is a call to live intentionally, to wrap our arms around each day and savor it. It is a call to take the time to discover the hidden treasures in our backyard—wonderful towns, charming shops, and unique restaurants that are right around the corner.

So in every issue, we will showcase the best that West Virginia has to offer with positive stories reflecting our unique heritage. Our articles cover the entire state—not just one geographical location—and capture modern day life in West Virginia while remembering our roots and treasuring our traditions. Simply put: WV LIVING takes us home. 


Jennifer said...

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a wonderful job you are doing with both the magazine and this site. Twenty years ago, I was co-owner and editor of a small regional magazine based in Charleston, called 'FOCUS on the Valley', created with the singular purpose of pointing out the positives about our people, our places, our way of life. It is beyond lovely to see you take this concept to such exponential heights. And as a blogger myself, I particularly like the addition of blog space here.

After 15 years away - first in Richmond, VA, currently in Raleigh, NC - my husband and I are in the process of moving back home. It's quite an exciting transition, full of sentiment, change and stark realities. I can't wait to be back, and want to thank you for giving me this place to remind me why.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the first issue and am looking forward to the next. As a newcomer to WV, this has been a delightful way to learn about my new home state.

Nikki Bowman said...

Thank you, Jennifer! I'm glad you are enjoying the magazine. And I'm excited that you are moving home. West Virginian's roots run deep -- I often think that is why we can't pull them out!