Sunday, June 14, 2009

Charming town of Kingwood, WV

I just visited Kingwood, WV! What a great little town! I've uncovered wonderful little treasures, like the charming old Westbrook Esso Station and cute gift shops like Calico Cat and Robyn's Nest. Make sure you grab a bite to eat at Monroe's--and save room for dessert! I enjoyed myself so much that I'm heading back today with my family to participate in the buckwheat cake breakfast feed at the firehouse/community center, which is held the second Sunday of every month. I'm told that practically the entire town comes--one of the reasons I just LOVE small towns! You don't need to wait until the Buckwheat Festival (although you should definitely attend) to plan a visit--it is a beautiful drive.


Houses & More Real Estate said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit here to our beautiful little corner of WV! How was your buckwheat cake experience? Our whole team looks forward to each new issue of WV Living Magazine and hope to one day find Kingwood featured in its pages! -Houses & More Real Estate, Kingwood WV

Anonymous said...

I used to go to the high school across the street from Westbrook's Esso and would go over on my lunch hour and get an orange crush from his coca cola machine.