Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monument to Faith

This past week I've been traveling quite a bit from Elkins to Snowshoe to Green Bank.  I nearly wrecked my car as I passed this pristine church perched on a hillside overlooking Route 55 -- I was looking at it and not the road!  This little church has some connection to Bishop Francis Asbury, a famed Methodist circuit rider in the late 1700s. I drove a little further and decided to go back, dig out my camera, and take a picture.  That happens quite a lot when you are riding with me. I even have my children trained. They now say, "Mommy, I think you need to take a picture for your magazine...."

I then traveled over the mountain from Snowshoe and through the lovely town of Cass, when I had to stop again. The Robert C. Byrd Greenbank Telescope at Green Bank looms over the snow-covered fields. The cows seemed quite at peace with the world's largest land-based moveable structure.

These types of scenes make me long for quiet rides on the backroads of our beautiful state. 


Caroline said...

When I saw this picture of the GBT I smiled. I grew up just 1.5 miles from the NRAO Property but now have moved to Seattle, WA. What a simple pleasure I so dearly miss!

Nikki Bowman said...

It is breathtaking! The countryside is so lovely--I can see why you miss it!